New Year Festivities in Pokhara

If you are planning to celebrate your upcoming New Year in quite an awesome place with a beauty of nature, bombarded with adventure and rocking night life than this is your destination-Pokhara. It’s the second largest city of Nepal which lies near the Himalayan range of Nepal. It is a stop by place for any kind of tracking activity near Himalaya. As per statistics it is 200km west of the Capital of Nepal; Kathmandu. This city of lake is the main tourist attraction of Nepal.

Sheep Bar-be-Que in front of an restaurant at Pokhara

Sheep Bar-be-Que in front of an restaurant.

Night decor at Pokhara during new year

2 days before New Year- Night Decor

2 days before New Year- Night Decor - Pokhara

Fruit Carving in front of a restaurant.

Lakeside on New Year Eve. Pokhara

Lakeside on New Year Eve.

Last year I had an opportunity to celebrate New Year 2017 in Pokhara. The festive swing I felt in the place is beyond my thought and that’s why I want to suggest you to have a visit there this year new year. So, before choosing this year’s New Year destination have a look on what’s waiting for you in Pokhara which might help you to choose Pokhara as your New Year travel destination.

If you are already researching on what to visit in Pokhara, you might have heard about Phewa Lake, which is in the heart of the city with the crown of being second largest lake of Nepal and easily accessible lake to people. Most of the tourist’s resides near Phewa Lake during their stay in Pokhara.

New Year Decor and arrangements:

During New Year eve the whole lakeside turns into a festive look with a mesmerizing feel. There is decoration of lights and colors in the lakeside streets which made me go crazy. It truly gave me the feel of welcoming New Year with a big celebration. Any kinds of transportation in these streets were prohibited during these three days (from 30th December to 1st January). People were walking around and enjoying the fresh breeze which was playing between the lake and the mountain.

Street Festival:

This is the time of street festival which happens around the lakeside. You can walk on with a glass of juice or bear and hold a handful of kebab while roaming around the streets. There were food, music, and shopping facilities on the festival. Specially, the smell of Kebab made me feel nuts and could not resist grabbing quite a lot. Even, you can enjoy your shopping here with a variety of jewelry, cloths and even ethnic statue.

Restaurants and what they offers:

Lakeside restaurant were open late-night during the New Year eve. There were live band and music for your recreation which gives an amazing vibe of the festival. Along with the atmosphere the restaurants offers you unique menu options as a festival bonus. I have seen huge pig and sheep barbecuing just in front of the restaurant to attract more customers. I also found it really attracting and something unique to give the crowd. There were fruit carving placed as a showcase in front of the restaurants, for attracting customers. Moreover, I have seen restaurants were coming up with competitive beer prices.

Musical Arrangements:

Live bands, music and stage programme were arranged on the streets as a part of celebration. People were walking, dancing, singing and enjoying the way they want. If you are the one who will like to just hold a drink on hand and enjoy different cultural people walking around then you will like it. As most of the restaurants were packed with people, so this way you won’t go hungry and can enjoy your time. And who likes to stay in a restaurant all the time? There were also roadside restaurants available which will give you an opportunity to enjoy under the sky with a chilled beer. So, it’s just about your preference now.

Amusement Park:

There is an amusement park with various kinds of rides which resides in lakeside only during the festive season. So, if you have small kids or you yourself want some fun ride, this is a great option to enjoy your day.

On the New Year Eve:

On 31st night I have seen a totally different Pokhara all along. Every place near the lakeside was overcrowded with people. Not only the tourist, but people from all over Nepal came to Pokhara to celebrate this day. It’s so crowded that getting your ordered food is also a big deal. In the street there is hardly any place to stand. The crowd will drag you to anywhere, in a moment. There were fireworks, may be not that greatest one that you have seen in your life, but the happiness you will see in everyone’s eyes will make your New Year even more beautiful.


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