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How to bag pack for a train Journey?

Train Journey is always most relaxed and enjoyable journey you can ever experience. But, as the train journey’s can be long, so you need to pack your bag with all necessary stuffs. I have traveled a lot in India and each and every time I have faced some trouble while traveling. Every time I missed something which is a must have and later it really troubles me a lot. So with my experience I am sharing you few must have which you need to carry while traveling through a train in India.

A small handy travel bag: The first thing you need to carry is a travel bag which is very handy and you can put all your necessary staffs there. Even while traveling by sleeper class you can avoid hiring a pillow and make the bag your pillow. Sometimes, extra pillows are not available in the train, so your bag can be your pillow which can ensure a nice good night sleep for you. Moreover, you can always keep it by your side, so that while traveling all the necessary things will be by your side.

Phone Charger: Please check if you have packed your charger or not. It might save you in any emergency situation as phones are the only way to get connected to your family and anyone in need.

Make a list of the emergency contacts in a paper: You might forget to take the charger, or your charged might stop working or not any charging point in your berth. Even you can lose your phone. So this list of contacts will help you to call the person in emergency situations. You can get anyone’s phone and make a call if needed.

Carry Medicine: Carrying few medicines for the emergency purpose is a must have. Any time any emergency can come up and as you are in train you might not be able to take any step further. So some emergency medicine like medicine for gastric, headache, tummy ache, and balm should be always with you. Moreover, for girls they should carry cycle pads, pain killer, and birth control pill with them.

Take your Travel kits: Don’t forget to take your important travel kits like your tooth brush, tooth paste, a hand soap, some dry and wet tissues, face moisturizer, face wash, hand sanitizer, hand and foot cream , a small mirror, lip balm. Moreover, for long hair girls carry a hair band which will hold your hair for the time being. As it’s a long journey, so these things will help you to feel comfortable in the journey. It might be a great relief for you. Perfume is a must. As you are traveling for days and you won’t get a scope to take shower so perfume can save you from a bad smell.

Eating stuffs: As it’s a long journey, so the best idea to carry some foods, snacks, water and juices with you. Though in the train always the food is available, but you might not get it all the time and sometimes the lunch and dinner comes late, so it’s better to carry some fruits, dry fruits, cookies, snacks, water and juice with you always.

Carry a sleeper and comfortable cloth: As for few days train is going to be your home, you should avoid jeans and wear something comfortable for wearing. If you are wearing jeans or any head cloths then carry a pajama/ trouser for the night wear.

Carry a light Shawl or light blanket: I know carrying a blanket will be so hard while traveling, but in a train journey it is a must have if you are traveling by sleeper class, because they don’t provide it. But for an ac class thy provide blanket, so you don’t need to carry while traveling by ac class, but I suggest you to carry a shawl at least. It goes really cold in train at night in every season, so carrying a light blanket or shawl is a best idea for you.

Don’t forget to charge your Phone, tab and laptop, camera: Before leaving, never forget to charge your gadget to the full. It is really necessary as you need it as a recreation and both communication purpose. So before leaving just check once if all are fully charged or not.
So, these are all the staff I think you need to check, if properly packed or not. These packing will help you a lot on the way. You might not find some staff important now, but it is necessary as I am explaining from my own experience. So, hope this guideline will help you a lot.

Happy Traveling


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